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Zoom Classes

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Lights, Camera, Zoom...

Live outside of LA? (or just don’t want to drive across town?)

Want top level professional training without the traffic, travel expenses, or time required to get to LA?  Actor’s Edge brings the studio to you with live zoom classes.  Receive the same training you’d get from our in person classes from anywhere in the world.  Acting on zoom gives you the added benefit of immediately discovering how you and your classmates performances play on camera.  Want to nail that closeup or get real time feedback on your audition self tape technique?  Zoom may be a great option for you!    

Simply navigate to the class you are interested in and see if there is a zoom option! 

Heading 5

$210 per month

(plus 1 time $100 enrollment fee)

Normally $250 per month

3 Month minimum enrollment

Adult Zoom Classes

Monday Nights (ongoing)

5:45-7:45pm PDT

Private Coaching Zoom

All ages

Class Description

Learn advanced techniques, used by many of the world’s most accomplished film and tv actors, to make any performance more powerful, dynamic, and authentic, while celebrating the unique essence that only YOU can bring to a role.  


Master on camera acting and pro audition strategies to help you BOOK MORE ROLES!!  


Combine deep, soulful, organic exploration with hyper practical, step-by-step techniques you can apply to instantly evolve into a more powerful (and castable) actor.   


If you are ready to step into your full potential, experience monumental breakthroughs in your acting, propel your career forward, and become part of a thriving community of artists to inspire and support you along the way, then Join Us!  

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