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Core Philosophies

You can have the life, career, and artistry of your dreams if you are bold enough to pursue them.”

- Aaron Metchik -


YOU are the one thing that no other actor can bring to a role.  We celebrate you and believe you should too.   We help you explore, honor, and harness the uniqueness and artistry, that only you can offer. 


Many of the world's most respected actors, movie stars, and series regular leads incorporate the techniques that we teach in their acting.  This is because they work.  Like…they REALLY work.  Some are intuitive.  Some are not.  Some take time to master.  Others can radically improve your acting overnight.   


We can save you years, or even decades of frustration (why isn’t my passion and natural talent landing me more roles??!!!) by teaching you powerful techniques that deepen your impact as an actor and help you book more. 


Building a successful acting career can be hard.  Your acting is only one component.  

Those who develop intentional, effective, consistent practices to move their careers forward (in addition to their craft) often enjoy the greatest success.  


At Actor’s Edge, we offer strategic guidance, industry insight, and frameworks to create highly specific ACTION steps to propel your career forward, while immersing you in a community of other supportive, proactive artists to keep you motivated and accountable. 


We are firm believers in community over competition.  We celebrate each others victories and support each other through tough times.  We keep each other accountable, inspire each other, share resources, and ideas.  Our students have produced films together, helped classmates book major projects and find representation.  They’ve expanded each others’ networks and promoted each others’ films.  Heck, a few have even gotten married and had kids.  Many have become lifelong friends.  


There are countless ways that being part of a creative community can inspire you as an artist and help you with your career.  But perhaps most importantly… life is just a lot more fun and rewarding when you share the journey with others.    


You can only get better at acting by doing it consistently.

Like mastering an instrument or a sport, those who reach the highest levels strengthen their natural talent with expert guidance and consistent practice. 


At Actor’s Edge, you sharpen your skills and expand your range every week, so when that perfect role, or big audition comes your way, you are ready! 

There IS a Place For You In This Industry

There are more film, tv, and major streaming projects being produced now than ever before. There are thousands of casting directors, talent agents, and managers looking for talent.  There are roles for actors of every size, shape, ethnicity, gender, and age.  

We’ll say it again, loudly…There IS a place for you in this industry. The question is are you ready to put in the work and claim it?


Action is that word we love to hear the director call out on set.  Action is also something you can take every day, starting right now, to build the build the craft, career, and life of your dreams.    


If you’re ready to take your craft and career to new heights, take action and join us!

Actor's Edge

Ready to get started?

We've been waiting for you! 

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