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Online Video Training


How to Book Film & TV Acting Roles

(from LA or anywhere in the world!)

This 3+ hour video course is perfect for actors ready to turn their passion into a profession.

Launch, or turbo boost, your professional career empowered with knowledge, and tools, that many actors take years of trial and error to acquire.

What you'll get...

  • A comprehensive overview of the Film & TV Acting industry, it’s players, and workflows. 

  • A clear, step-by-step road map on how to start, or elevate, a professional acting career.

  • INSIDER TIPS on how to create strong headshots, resumes, and demo reels that WIN YOU JOBS - on any budget [including no budget!]

  • Learn how you can BOOK PAID FILM & TV ACTING ROLES from anywhere in the country! 

  • Discover exactly how to be considered for thousands of film/tv projects and get seen by LA casting directors, directors and producers.

  • Learn effective strategies for finding the right talent agent for you. 

  • Discover how changes in casting due to Covid-19 benefit actors, (especially actors outside of LA) in a BIG way!

BONUS! Learn the MOST COMMON MISTAKES that prevent aspiring actors from achieving success [and how YOU can avoid them] and the qualities that nearly all successful film & tv actors share.  
Lifetime Access to this course and all of its future updates!
3 hour acting course

How to Book Film & TV Acting Roles 3-Hour Online Course


30 Day moneyback guarantee!  (If you don’t feel the information in this class will help you more effectively launch, or elevate, your acting career, get a full refund). 

Actor's Edge

If you’re ready to EFFECTIVELY launch a professional acting career the right way, and leap frog over thousands of actors attempting to figure things out on their own, then sign up today!

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