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Los Angeles | Youth & Teens Classes


Film & TV Acting Classes

For Kids & Teens

+ Optional Hollywood Showcases

Unleash your child's creativity in our comprehensive film and TV acting program for kids & teens. Whether your child is acting professionally and seeking the highest level training, or acting for the very first time and simply looking to have fun and create,  we have the class that is right for you!

$250 per month
for most months with 4 wednesdays
312.50 in rare months with 5 wednesdays

Youth Class

Ages 8-12

Wednesdays 3:30 - 4:45 pm

Teen Class

Ages 12-16

Wednesdays 4:45 - 6pm

Ages 16-18 can enroll in Teen class OR join Adult class (with parent approval)

Class Description

Unleash your child's creativity in our comprehensive film and TV acting program for kids & teens.

We’re committed to offering a positive creative environment where students can learn and grow while having fun.

Work with real scripts from popular films and TV shows.  Learn to bring any character to life and deliver rich, truthful, captivating performances. 

Work on camera with simulated movie and live tv studio shoots!  Learn and practice how to BOOK roles with pro-on-camera audition techniques, and script analysis. 


Watch your movies, mock auditions, and projects on the big screen with friends and family at our seasonal screenings.  

With guided improvisation, emotional exploration, imagination activation and other acting-based exercises, our students stretch their creative muscles and develop new abilities. They also build confidence, communication and other empowering life skills that extend far beyond the stage or screen.

For those interested we offer optional Hollywood showcases where students meet, perform for, and learn from some of LA's top youth talent agents and other entertainment industry professionals.  

We invite you to join our studio and become part of our close-knit creative family which has launched the careers of movie stars, series regulars, and broadway performers and created countless long-lasting friendships.


 We look forward to helping your child grow,  achieve their acting goals, and to have lots of fun making movies and memories together!

Scene study

Character development


Cold reading

On camera audition technique

Understanding genre

How to bring your unique personality to each role and audition


Head Instructor Aaron Metchik specializes in working with young actors, creating a positive fun environment while teaching advanced skills necessary to BOOK JOBS! Aaron has coached some of Film and TV’s biggest young stars, as well as actors just beginning their careers.


Classes are limited in size so each actor gets individual attention and performs every week!

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