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Los Angeles | Adult Class

Put simply, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to launch or elevate your acting career. 

Here are a few areas of focus: 


As an artist, we want you accessing all parts of yourself, emotionally available, imaginative, curious, empathetic, vibrantly alive, as vulnerable and fragile as you are strong and confident.  The more you connect with the rich complexities of YOU, the more dimension you will bring to your characters.          

Story / Script Breakdown Technique

Great directors, writers, & producers want to work with actors who understand and connect deeply with the stories they are telling.  Our “star-making” script breakdown technique ensures you understand the story and your character’s role in it, and are excited about what you can contribute as an actor.  

“Our responsibility is to serve the story.  Our great big beautiful dream is to elevate it.” 

- Aaron Metchik -


Learn to create powerful, authentic, dimensional characters that resonate with deep emotional truth, so audiences, and industry, want to see more of you.  


We want you acting at your HIGHEST potential.  We help you achieve this by nurturing your natural talents while helping you master key, learnable skills that the industry demands from you.  


At Actor's Edge, we recognize that your individuality and your instincts are more than just a trait – they are your strength, offering a unique voice in the world of acting that is distinctly yours.  We also know that to consistently land significant roles in studio-level projects,  you must master essential skills and techniques that aren't always intuitive.


We take pride in teaching these skills with clarity and precision, so you're ready for the big leagues without years of guesswork. 

In essence, our goal is to nurture the 'soul' of the artist and to develop the craft of the professional.  This is how true artists emerge, careers take flight, and stars are born.  This is what we envision for you! 


You should know it, so we teach it; how to tailor your performance for a closeup or wide shot, on set terminology and workflows, understanding tone, pacing and genre conventions, effective eyelines, hitting your mark without looking, heck…what to do with your freaking arms!  Why?  Because it all makes you more confident, competent, experienced, and BOOKABLE.   


To play the part you need to BOOK the part.  Auditioning is it’s own artform and we’ll help you master it.   We’ve coached and filmed the audition tapes that have booked roles for movie stars, series regulars, and countless actors landing their first professional roles.  Looking to develop the skills (and the mindset) to deliver competitive, bookable auditions? — We’ve gochya covered!

Actor's Edge

Ready to get started?

We've been waiting for you!

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