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Why  a 3 Month Minimum?

This is not one of those classes where we claim to teach you everything you need to know about acting in a weekend or 6 week course. Sorry, but that’s just not how world class actors reach their full potential - which is what we want for you! This is for actors truly looking to develop professional, competitive acting skills and to moving their careers forward in measurable ways, which requires commitment and consistency. Although the minimum commitment is three months, most students choose to stay with us for much longer, often for years, because they experience results!

100% happiness guarantee: We want you to be 100% confident you’re in the studio that’s right for you. If after your first class, you don’t think it’s a perfect fit, simply email us within 24 hours and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked! We’re not looking to take anyone’s money who isn’t going to truly enjoy and benefit from this program.

Class Credit Policy: When you sign up, tell us any classes you can’t make in the first three months and we’ll give you credits to use in the consecutive weeks following your initial 3 months. Additionally, you can always get credit for any class you miss due to paid acting work or in person auditions, (just forward us your call sheet or audition notice showing the times that conflict with class.) You can get class credit for any reason for 2 additional classes every three months with 30 days notice. (got a fun trip planned, go for it!) you can freeze class for up to two months with 30 days notice without losing your spot in class. After that, if it’s full, you may need to join the waitlist to reenter.

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